About the Artist

Shawn Bungo was born in 1978 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. At 18 years old he moved to Florida to work with the family business with the dream of a bohemian lifestyle at the beach in the back of his mind. Not long after, he began selling his own handmade hemp and beaded jewelry on the beaches of the Florida panhandle. During that time he realized his love for flameworked beads, and desired to one day make his own. In 2005 his now wife bought him a torch and some glass to give it a try. From that moment on his life changed. He discovered his passion with that torch, and has been flameworking full-time ever since. While he has never had formal training, he has developed his own unique style through a continuous process of trial and error. Naturally his work has taken on an other-worldly aquatic feel. His glass creations mimic the mysterious and unusual inhabitants of the seafloor. What started as small glass beads has developed into an intricate collection of unique paperweights, pendants, jewelry, and door knobs among other items. He began exhibiting his work at small craft fairs, but has since gone on to exhibit in many fine art shows across the country. He has won numerous awards including Best in Glass at the 4 Bridges Art Show in Chattanooga, TN, an Award of Excellence at the Artsquest Fine Art Show in Seaside, FL, and an Award of Distinction at the Kentuck Art Festival in Northport, AL among others.